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Back To School: Preventing Ilnesses

Homework isn’t the only thing kids bring home from school, they also bring home dozens of illnesses.  Whether it be the common cold, lice, or pinkeye, there are plenty of ways to prevent them.

Lisa Collier Cool from Yahoo! Health took the top 5 school illnesses and gave some tips on how to keep those germs from getting your child sick.

1.  Colds:  Kindergarteners average 12 colds a year, while older kids develop about seven. The cold season runs from September to March, making these the highest risk months. The virus that causes this upper respiratory tract can live for several hours on contaminated objects, such as door handles, books, pens, or a computer keyboard or mouse.

  • Prevention:  Along with frequent hand washing, taking a reusable water bottle to school instead of using the water fountain can reduce kids’ risk for colds and other infections since the parts of the fountain that students touch can become contaminated with germs. If your kids catch a cold, teach them to sneeze or cough into a tissue (or the inside of their elbow, if they don’t have a tissue) instead of their hands, so they don’t spread the virus to everything they touch.
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