Video: Anderson Cooper Gets A Case Of The Giggles During Gerard Depardieu Segment

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Photo: CNN

Photo: CNN

During his segment called “The RidicuList,” CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper couldn’t seem to keep a straight face while cracking bathroom puns about legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu.

While covering the story about Depardieu relieving himself in the aisle on board an airplane right in front of the entire cabin on Wednesday, Cooper lost control of his anchor face and let loose a case of the giggles after making a joke and couldn’t stop.

After making a few puns in relation to Depardieu peeing on the floor of the airplane on Wednesday, Cooper couldn’t contain himself after cracking the joke, “At least it wasn’t Depard-two,” and let loose a fit of giggles that has us cracking up over.

Watch the video below and skip to around minute 2:30 to see Anderson finally lose it over a doo-doo joke.

[Source: THR]

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