Today Is 101.FM’s 70th Birthday! Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane Back To The Year 1941

Can you believe it?! Seventy years ago today — August 11, 1941 — 101.FM first signed on and started broadcasting on air under the call letters K45LA on 44.5 FM. We’ve gone through a couple makeovers since those days, eventually changing over frequencies to our current 101.1 FM with the KRTH call letters, K-EARTH name and playing the Classic Hits you know and love today!

And just like 101.1 itself, the world has seen plenty of changes over the past 70 years. So what was life like back in 1941 compared to today? Check out a few fun facts about music, movies and living in the year 1941 compared to what life’s like today!
In 1941:

  • Franklin D Roosevelt was President and Henry A. Wallace was Vice-President
  • United States Population: 133,402,471
  • Cost of a first class postage stamp: 3 cents
  • Unemployment was 9.9%

In 2011:

  • Barack Obama is President and Joe Biden is Vice-President
  • U.S. population skyrocketed to over 311 million people
  • Cost of a postage stamp: 44 cents
  • Unemployment: 9.1%

What were the Oscar-winning movies in 1941?

  • RainbowRay

    In the immortal words of Fred Flintstone when he surprised his wife Wilma with an anniversary rendition of “Happy Anniversary” to all at KEARH 101, (sing to the tune of “Happy Anniversary” from “The Flintsones” episode), “OHHHH! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! happy Anniversary! Haaaappy Anniversary….etc) and may you have at least 41 more.


  • Dee

    Not quite 70 but was in high school in the late 50’s grad 60. Lots of us oldies out here it would be cool to play some oldies oldies. Thanks Dee

  • Vicki

    Happy Birthday K-Earth 101derful-Cheers to another 70 yrs!

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