Another Late Night Show Battle Between George Lopez & Jay Leno Heats Up

There’s another late night battle going on, last year it was Conan vs. Leno, now it’s Lopez vs. Leno. Last night George Lopez was on with Piers Morgan on his CNN talk show and made some pretty harsh comments about Jay.

Lopez said that the other late night guys don’t like him. He went on to call Leno, “The biggest two-faced dude in tv” and a “backstabber.”

Not to mention he later said that Leno is, “The worst interviewer on TV” in fact Lopez even took umbrage with certain things Jay has said about Latinos.

  • Judge DD

    Personally, I think they’re all jealous of Leno. After all, he’s been the Tonight Show host for many years, and if I remember correctly, Johnny Carson handpicked Leno. It seems to be sour grapes all the way around. Lopez came off bad on Piers Morgan Tonight. He seemed jealous and he obviously believes what he hears. It seemed as if his opinion was based on what he heard, not what he knew for sure.

  • olivia

    Shame on George Lopez. Sour grapes is never attractive.

  • gahpa

    If anyone’s a racist, it’s Lopez. Just watch his stand up routine. It’s full of stereotypes about white folks. Latinos like golf “Because they get to hit something white with a club.” Seriously? If that were one throw away, it would be fine. But Lopez makes everything about race. Then he worries about what Leno has to say? Meh.

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