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Factors That Played A Part In Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s Split

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are on the cover of People magazine with the headline “Their Marriage Explodes,” and they’re asking what role did Ben Affleck play in the break up. Apparently Ben offered up some last-minute advice just before the spilt.

People says Marc wouldn’t let Jennifer talk to other people or socialize with anybody and says his jealousy and need to control big issues is what is at the cause of the split.

Now his camp is denying the claims, but he did want them to work less and enjoy life. Then Us magazine has her side of the story saying that Marc had a rendezvous with a flight attendant a couple of years ago, but they went to therapy and worked through it.

  • Ray Jansons

    If these “rumors” are true in terms of (jealousy and controlling) then no wonder the relationship nevr worked. Before Fona I had one girlfriend who I found to be “extremely jealous and controlling” and I learned a great deal from that experience (we were together for almost a year) and I chalk it up to valuable experience because I learned what I “TRULY didn’t like in a relationship and those two factors were it (oh yah, plus living together as well; hated it!).

    Those were valuable life experiences I picked up and cherish because I learned throughthat relationship who I really was and what I really likeda and didn’t like in a relationship. Her name was Lorie and she was my first “reall girlfriend” . Live and learn and better late then never! Fiona is nothing like her, thank God!


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