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The Two Cents: Casey Anthony Just Found Not Guilty In Murder Of Daughter, Do You Think She Did It?

What Do You Think? Did Casey Anthony kill her daughter?:

4 casey athony getty images The Two Cents: Casey Anthony Just Found Not Guilty In Murder Of Daughter, Do You Think She Did It?

Photo by Red Huber-Pool//Getty Images

You might not be a juror on the Casey Anthony case but now it’s time for you to weigh in!

  • suzyq

    This is almost unbelievable! No mother in her right mind would or could be out socializing while her daughter had just died. This is dispicable. The JURY needs to be put in jail!

  • brian

    Casey guilty of lying? You ask why? Because she is hiding the truth about her daughter. The prosecution failed to overcome reasonable doubt. So the jury has no choice but to s not convict.however the lies were absolutely proved.

  • http://yahoo perry herrera

    Well I think she is a liar she should be put to death for murdering her daughter I know she did it and I am not on a jury and I think the jury should be found guilty for not knowing that she did it they are all idiots they should all pay for letting that bitch get off if I was caylee father I would have kicked caseys ass you see I have a 4 year old daughter if anyone did anything to her I would kick their ass til they wouldn’t be able to stand up anymore

  • Shawn

    Is she guilty?? Yes. Just because we have the Y2K version of the OJ jury, who took what should’ve been a slam dunk case and f**ked it up……… The stories of her being abused by her father are such crap. She was so distraught over the “abuse” that it didn’t even come into play until she was being accused of murder. Suprisingly enough, she’d probably be safer in jail. Because once she’s walking around free, it’d be a damn shame if someone walked up and shot her in the face, or fed her to a gator.

  • Ren

    They all made a lie of convenience. I think Cindy left the ladder up and Caylee did drown, but how did JoJo get her? Wouldnt she sink? This was a group effort to allow Casey to take the fall because each and everyone of them knew Caylee was not murdered by her mother. They could not handle owning up to being responsible for a death, so they staged it to look like a babynapping. They lied, to convince everybody and themselves this baby might come back, and then they thought of the money. They got in too deep with the lies.I think if the verdict were guilty, they would have stood up and declared the truth before Casey sentenced to death. Think about it, it makes more sense.than what we’ve heard for 3 years.

  • John

    Heard a tree got struck by lightining yesterday very close to the area Caylee was found and a huge strom is hovering over Hopespring Dr.. Is it a sign being so close to the 3 yr. anniversary.

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