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Slo-Mo Invasion Of Turtles On The Runway Delay Flights At JFK Airport

Over 150 migrating turtles caused quite a commotion at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday, slowly crossing active runways in order to reach a sandy nesting area that’s prime to lay eggs.

The hoards of mostly female diamondback terrapins invade the JFK airport every year during the height of mating season, but this year they’ve reached star status on Twitter and in the media.

The commotion of the invading turtles at JFK has sprouted to a life of its own, with the turtles even getting their own Twitter account with over 6,000 followers — much like the escaped cobra snake from the Brooklyn Zoo.

The invasion delayed several flights at the airport, but this isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted on the tarmac. In 2009, 79 of the crawling turtles also caused a minor delay on the runway. See the turtles crossing the road at JFK!

[Source: CNN]

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