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Sun 101: Five Soothing Home Remedies To Cool A Lobster Red 4th Of July Sunburn

As you begin to prepare your family’s 4th of July celebratory plans this week, chances are those plans include some kind of activity out in the summer sun. Whether it be a picnic, beach trip or some kind of neighborhood festival, keeping your skin safe from the harsh rays of the sun isn’t always so easy.

Sure, you take all the precautions of wearing SPF 80 sunblock, UV protective sun glasses, sun hat, etc. before you head into the open sun, but somehow you still end up getting that bright red, raccoon-eyed sunburn. If the inevitable happens and you come home with that searing, itchy, painful red burn, use some of these common home remedies to sooth your skin and ease your mind!

1. Cool water: Probably the most effective and recommended remedy to take away the burn and pain after a sunburn. Dip a cloth in cold water or use ice cubes to relieve the heat and pain of the burn. Repeat any time the cloth warms and lightly press on the burn for 10-15 minutes.

You can always soak in the bathtub in cold water for a full-body relief, or if you’re still celebrating outdoors, take a dip in the pool or the ocean — but just remember to double up on the sunblock this time.

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