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Top 10 Awesome ’80s Movies We Want Remade

Recently, a trailer for the 2011 remake of Footloose went loose on the internet, and it reminded us our general movie manifest (and our sentiments towards Hollywood’s penchant for remakes and sequels): please stop making horrible modern versions of  our favorite classic films.

However, to play a little devil’s advocate, we conjured up our Top 10 Awesome ’80s Films We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Remade. As long as the entertainment powers that be did it the right way.

Footloose (2011) Trailer

10. The Wizard (1989)

A young boy with a serious “mental disorder” has an awesome brother who breaks him free from an institution, runs into a cute young girl who recognizes his innate gift for playing video games, and, subsequently, wins a video game tournament for a huge prize amount.

With modern technology and fresh-faced cast, this would be a perfect movie for kids and adults alike. Adults can reminisce and kids can enjoy the fantasy of being a video game hero.


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