Poll – Who Is The Greatest TV Dad Of All Time?

andy griffith Poll   Who Is The Greatest TV Dad Of All Time?

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We’ve been asking this all morning!  Now here’s your chance to vote for the greatest TV dad of all-time!

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Check out our top ten list of the Greatest TV Dads and vote or comment on your favorite below!

  • RainbowRay

    Definately Ward Cleaveer because of his values and the values they had back then. Of course, I dream of being the world’s greatest dad one day; especially after what I”ve been through throughout the years. I have the knowledge, sense of humor, the discipline skills, the LOVE, believe it or not, the nurturing skills (most men don’t ahve this feature). All I need is the experience.


  • Lupe E

    What about the Dad from 1967 Gidget with Sally Field. His name on the show was Russ Lawrence and his real name was Don Porter! he is my favorite with his pipe and all!

  • MJ fan

    Dr Huxtable, blended good comedy, Music, and good sense

    My FAV

    chatty Cathy

  • Ron Austin

    This poll only lists Sitcoms. Let us list some Dads from drama shows. Here are three that come to mind
    Michael Landon – charles Ingalls
    Lorne Greene – Ben Cartwright
    Ralph Waite – John Walton Sr

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