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“Shotgun Tom” Kelly at the Kauai Marriott Resort on Kalapaki Beach – Day 5

“Shotgun Tom” Kelly’s interview with Casey Riemer — General Manager/VP Jack Harter Helicopters

The best way to see the island of Kauai and cover the most ground during your trip is flying around in one of Jack Harter Helicopter Tours! With two helicopter options — luxurious closed door or an adventurous open door trip — you’ll learn all about the history of the island while at the same time basking in all the breathtaking aerial views!

To book you helicopter tour in advance, check out or call (888) 245-2001 for an experience of a lifetime!

Check out all of Shotgun Tom’s Kauai interviews from Kauai Marriott Resort on Kalapaki Beach and remember to keep listening to your OFFICIAL Hawaiian Vacation Station everyday for your chance to qualify for a dream stay in Kauai!

  • kearth101 fan

    hello shot gun tom kelly love hawaii its great trip i am go august 17 to 22 with the yamca sign big joe

  • RainbowRay

    Love the music! Pass the “poy” Fiona!


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