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Bark at the Park at Dodger Stadium

dodgers stadium Bark at the Park at Dodger Stadium

Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

This Saturday is the 2nd Annual “Bark at the Park” day at Dodger Stadium. If you buy a ticket for yourself and a ticket for your dog in advance you can bring your best friend to the game! There’s a special section for owners and pooches in the all-you-can-eat right field pavilion, and you must  to buy tickets in advance. There won’t be any tickets sold at the gate for dogs.

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Below is a link to the info for this fun event that’s happening at lots of team stadiums around the country. GREAT idea from MLB. The Dodgers are doing it this Saturday, May 28th. It’s not happening at Angel Stadium yet, but hey, maybe next season.

Here’s the detailed info and have a Happy Memorial Day weekend night owls and insomniacs…Click here for the details.

  • RainbowRay

    I gues their not “barkin up the wrong tree” with that event; sounds like it should be fun. It’s adog’s life I guess, this weekend anyway.


  • HDmomma

    Ok, so we can bring our dogs to a baseball stadium where they can sit in the seating area with not much air circulating around them. Maybe they can get into a fight with another dog (or the owner gets bitten). But first we’re gonna let them walk around on the hot asphalt of the parking lot. What about water? What about the potty/poop situation? Bad idea! I love my dog and would not subject her to this kind of puppy torture.

  • surfergirl

    That is awesome, Wish I had heard about it when it was happening

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