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Doomsday Alert: Top Ten ‘End Of The World’ Flicks

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) — Extreme global warming sparks deadly natural disasters all over the world.

2012 (2009) — The year the world is said to end — John Cusack stars in this end of days film and tries to survive from natural disasters.

  • Chief Jack Hawk

    “When Worlds Collide”. This was a great showcase from George Pal about the strength, courage compassion, and desperatoon of the human race as it faces destruction from a pair of wadering planets.

  • RainbowRay

    A HAPPY RAPTURe DAY TO ALL! To anyone who’s suffered an injury, feel better and Happy RUPTURE DAY to ya.

    Toronto has an NBA basketball team;I’m sure you’ve heard of them, the Toronto Raptures! HA! HA!

    The world is suppposed to end at 6pm; that’s 6:30 in Newfoundland. Does that also mean that Australia and New Zeaaland get to be wiped out first?? Hope not!

    On Monday you guys can come into the station and say, so, “How was your Rapture? To which someone may reply, not bad, nothing eventful it that’s what you mean.

    The only person I would love to enRAPTURE is Fiona!

    See you Monday!

    “Night of The Living Dead” I remember that from childhood and have it on DVD. Remember watching it at a local library on a Saturday afternoon. Still like that moviie if only for its nostalgic and sentimental value.


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