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Will Donald Trump Return To Celebrity Apprentice?

donald trump Will Donald Trump Return To Celebrity Apprentice?

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

Today’s the day the Donald will announce whether or not he will free himself from Celebrity Apprentice. Now as you know, the Trumpster has been mulling a run for the White House, so today he will decide whether to trade in his hit television show for politics.

If Trump does decide to throw his name into the Presidential ring for the 2012 election, his hit celebrity show would still continue on without him at the head of the boardroom table. Someone will replace him if he does decide to leave, but it won’t be one of his children.

He’s meeting with his NBC executives today to give his decision, and he’s reportedly torn between staying on TV or running for President. Our advice, Mr. Trump? Stay on TV.

  • george

    Donald if it is a tossup twix pres of us an tv show stay with tv
    i would have voted 4 u but it seems ur not serious sbout bring pres

  • Ruben

    Who really cars what you do ! Take your big fat EGO and put …..there!

  • RainbowRay

    If he decides to return to “Celebrity Apprentice” can he PRESIDENT of that show? HA! HA! Who would be his running mate?? Would he fire him (or her)? How long would it take before he fired his running mate?


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