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UnRoyal Wedding: Top Ten ‘Silly Love Songs’ Written By Paul McCartney

lead paul mccartney stepen lovekin getty images UnRoyal Wedding: Top Ten Silly Love Songs Written By Paul McCartney

Photo by Stephen Lovekin//Getty Images

Even after the second marriage fiasco of Heather Mills, we still look up to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Sir Paul McCartney[/lastfm] as one of the greatest harbingers of love, especially after his iconic relationship with first wife Linda McCartney and all his expertly crafted love songs.

Thankfully, love is in the air again for McCartney who is recently engaged to his beautiful girlfriend of four years, Nancy Shevell. Reports say Shevell is well-loved by McCartney’s kids and might just be the second love of his life.

In honor of McCartney’s grand capacity for love, we’ve curated Ten Songs About Love Written By Paul McCartney.

10. “All My Loving”

1 paul mccartney pascal le segretain getty UnRoyal Wedding: Top Ten Silly Love Songs Written By Paul McCartney

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain//Getty Images

One of The Beatles’ earliest love songs, Paul McCartney apparently wrote this for his girlfriend at the time.  It was love-sick lyrics like this that made The Beatles immediately popular with the young ladies:

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you/Tomorrow I’ll miss you/Remember I’ll always be true/And then while I’m away/I’ll write home ev’ry day/And I’ll send all my loving to you

  • RainbowRay

    Dear Fiona:

    “All My Loving”, my absolute favoriteBeatle’s song that I’ve been listening since childhood is dedicated to you darling (you’re the tree in my forest, the nib on my shoe lace and the cream in my coffee, but only decaf and mountain grown of course).

    “Tomorrow I will miss you, remember I’ll always be true and that while I’m away I’ll write home everyday and send All My Lovin to You honey).

    I hope all my dreams will come true soon my little jerk chicken (let’s get together one day and ruffle each others feathers, how about it? Starting in Memphis!

    Suficiently Achieving (as opposed to “Winning”)
    Excessively Optimistic (as opposed to “excited” HI NANCY!)
    Humongously Fatigued (as opposed to “Very Tired”; what it’s only been 10.5 , but who’s counting anyway!)

    LOVE and lots of XXXXOOOO (not x’s and o’s) Fiona
    ???? (Where is your RainbowRay Fiona??)

  • RainbowRay

    That’s certainly true right Fiona; your the battery that charges up my flashlight!


  • RainbowRay

    “Hiere” (yesterday en francais or as they say, “hiere” today, gone tomorrow! HA!) . Putting all my Yesterday’s for you Fiona. I’m not just chasing these dreams for something to do (HA!) or for the good of my health (there’s still blood going through the ole ticker yet),but for you and me as well. WOW! DREAMINGS FUN!


    ??????? (Where is your pooky pants and studmuffin Fiona?)

  • RainbowRay

    That’s waht you are Fiona, “My6 Love” for now and for always (I want good times and good friends for us one day and of course, FAMILY!). XXXOOO

    Miss you each and every day that I’m away from you honey!!


  • RainbowRay

    “”Things We Said Today”, oh how that song sounds so appropriate for us Fiona!

    Love makes a fool of us Fiona, but I don’t care!!

    Nag on Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy (the name of a childhood character from a book that she read when she was child. Everybody, “AWWWW!”)


  • RainbowRay

    “I WIll” Fiona!

    Rainbow “Pookypants” Ray

  • RainbowRay

    “And I Love Her” and I DO (remember those two words sweetheart Fiona; good to be able to say that word and “mean it” and other words like “darling” and “my little jerk chicken” as opposed to hearing , “hey you jerk!” HA! HA!–kidding).

    “All My Loving” Fiona
    ??? (Where is he anyway?)

  • RainbowRay


    ??????? (Where is your studmuffin and pookyants darling?)

  • RainbowRay

    “Maybe I’m Amazied” at needing you Fiona as well! The hell with maybe, DEFINATELY!

    M iss you terribly my little garden plant; let’s get together one day and get potted together! HA!

    ????? (Where is he? HMMMMM?????)

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