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Poll: Which Had The Crazier Hats — The Royal Wedding Or The 137th Kentucky Derby?

who wore the hat better Poll: Which Had The Crazier Hats    The Royal Wedding Or The 137th Kentucky Derby?

Photos by Dan Kitwood and Stephen Cohen/Getty Images

The fancy, unique hats worn by guests attending the Royal Wedding and just recently at the 137th Kentucky Derby are attracting more attention than the high-profile events themselves. Each year, women seem to top the year prior with the biggest, most eye-catching hats at the Kentucky Derby, but have they outdone the conceptual headpieces worn by royalty at the royal wedding?

Let us know who wore the extravagant hats better…guests at the royal wedding or Kentucky Derby!

Take a look and compare the hats worn at each event and let us know, which boasted the most outrageous hats?!

[photogallerylink id=40771 align=left]

[photogallerylink id=41617 align=left]

  • RainbowRay

    The hat’s weren’t only eye catching, but “signal catching” as well; like from sattelites from outter space. I wonder if I coud the BBCwearing one of those thing, right Nancy?


  • renne

    the daughters of Prince Andrew look like the two ugly step sister in the Cindrella story omg who in the heck picked out their dresses and for gosh sake those horrid hates do they hate their cousin prince William? They looked disgusting and they need to have thrity lashes by order of the Queen.

  • Kathy

    When you refer to “eye catching ” I think of the ones that looked nice that caught my eye. So I voted for the Kentucky Derby. Most were really nice, while others were big and the guy hats were just plain weird.
    Crazy weird looking hats goes to the Royal Wedding. Those hat were forgetable.

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