Lindsay Lohan Could Dodge A Felony Bullet In Court Today

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lindsay lohan Lindsay Lohan Could Dodge A Felony Bullet In Court Today

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

It could be a Good Friday for Lindsay Lohan today as the actress heads back into court today, and according to some, she could be dodging a felony bullet. There is a way for Lindsay to avoid jail time for her felony charges if her lawyer uses this magic number.

If her lawyer uses a law that’s commonly used to reduce felony charges to a misdemeanor, called California Penal Code: Section 17B, Lindsay could avoid jail time altogether. The law reduces the felony charges to a misdemeanor if the offense is minor and the defendant isn’t a hardened criminal with a long record.

Though she’s had run ins with the law in the past, her DUI charges don’t make her a serious criminal and the charge of stealing a necklace is apparently no big deal. If her lawyer is successful in reducing the charges, Lindsay will escape jail and the whole case will be settled as a probation violation.

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