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Earth Day: Some Tips From Earth Day Pug!

pug Earth Day:  Some Tips From Earth Day Pug!

Sometimes, our furry friends remind us about the most important things in life. Sort of like Earth Day Pug, he makes sure to do his part to conserve with the hopes that we’ll be reminded!

Check out the the pug’s Earth Day tips after the jump!

  • Do you have any tips on how to conserve Mother Earth? Share them in the comments!
  • Norma Weinstein


  • RainbowRay


    How about: Buying organically grown foods when you can?
    Using the dishwasher when it’s full (not half full)
    I’ve seen picture books made from recycled paper
    Having “Eco Parties” for your children to promote
    Environmental issues and display good role
    modelling i.e. using recycled materials for parties,
    making a donation in child’s name
    for an environmental cause,
    Giving a tree for a child for birthday
    and planting it using his/her name
    (if you can)
    Play “earth children songs” and
    games (yes they do exist!) at the
    Environmental friendly gifts or use
    recycled paper to wrap presents
    Make invitations to your Eco B-day
    party for the kids and use recycled
    use organically grown foods for the
    party, etc, etc, etc (as the Yul
    Brynner said in The King and I)

    So many more ideas and you get them all “online” like I did and by going to your local library or renting/borrowing DVD’s like I did. Whatever interests you? RainbowRay is rich in knowledge and so am I>


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