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Top TV Shows & Their Opening Theme Songs: 1981-1982 TV Season

dallas opening theme season 4 Top TV Shows & Their Opening Theme Songs: 1981 1982 TV Season

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If you were to ask someone in 1981-1982 what their favorite reality TV show is, they would either most likely give you a blank scare or probably ask if you’re talking about their favorite news program.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 TV shows and their opening themes during the 1981-1982 TV season.

#1 – Dallas

Season 4 of Dallas ran from October 9, 1981 through April 9, 1982 and aired on CBS with an estimated audience of 23,146,000, making it the number one watched show. (To watch the opening click on the link on the player to go to YouTube)

PAGE 2 The #2 Rated Show of the 1981-1982 TV Season

  • RainbowRay

    Thanks for those great memories KEARTH101; I remember eaach and every show very well.

    I can recall watching “Alice” every Saturday night when it first came on and followed it regularly for several seasons (that’s the show that had Nancy Mckeon’s brother Philip in it, wasn’t it?)
    I have a copy of “Alice” on DVD with several episodes on it as well as Seasons 1-5 of “The Facts of Life”.

    I remember watching “The Jeffersons” grwing up (a spinoff from All In the Family) every Sunday night and now own a copy of the show (Season 3) on DVD>

    “60minutes” I remember very well (still on the air I know, but haven’t seen it in years though. WIll have to give it another look though. I remember Andy Rooney; he was hilarious with his commentaries. I even have copy of one of his books).

    I was never an avid watacher of “One Day At A Time”, but remeber the show, having watched it on occasion. I think it used to follow after Alice.

    “Dallas” was never a favorite of mine, but I do remember the bing stink over “Who Shot JR?” which turned out to be Bing Crosby’s daugter, Mary.

    “MASH”, definately one of my favorite all time shows. I have a couple seasons of this show on DVD. Very funny show and its timingfor humor was always terrifi (not like most comedies nowadays in my opinion; the timing for the use of humor in those shows really sucks in my opinion, but not every show).

    “Too Close For Comfort” is a show I used to watch religiously when it first aired. I recently saw a DVD of the series from the librarry and borrowed it and WOW! did it bring back memories. Ted Knight was terrific in the role as the father, Henry.

    I was never a big fan of “The Dukes of Hazzard” (never even cared to see the movie; but I heard I didn’t miss much with the movie). Have seen the show though a few times.

    ABC Monday Night Movie I remember very well. Movies like “The Enforcer” and “Dirty Harry” have always been my brother’s favorites, but back then I could never get into crime dramas. I’ve seen “The Enforcer” and “Dirty Harry” and their both pretty good movies; crime drama classics as you might say.

    Thanks for this KEARTH101.


  • Jim Wito

    I think this is somewhat humorous. The title of this collection is “Top TV Shows & Their Opening Theme Songs: 1981-1982 TV Season.” Unfortunately 60 Minutes doesn’t have a Theme Song – it is just a stopwatch ticking. Oh Well!

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