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The Top Worst Songs That Reached Number One On The Charts

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Paper Lace[/lastfm]: “The Night Chicago Died” –Who knew a song about the great Chicago fire could be so informational and catchy at the same time? This reached No.1 in 1974.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots[/lastfm]: “Disco Duck” — Well, you can figure out why this one made the list on your own. Not only did it include “Donald Duck-esque” singing, it actually had disco-dancing ducks in the video.

Have any more worst No.1 hits that you didn’t see? Add them to the list!

  • Liza

    OMG…I so loved all those songs. I also remember a song, but I don’t know if it was no. 1….The band was OXO and I think the song was whirly ride…or my ride…It was a funny song and video!!

    • oldies76

      “Whirly Girl” only reached #28 in 1983

  • fran

    I am with Lisa on this. I love them all !!! Ok what about Bobby Sherman ??? Julie Julie Julie do you love me? Was that a number one song? You Guys are the BEST !!!!!

    • oldies76

      “Julie” was #1 in L.A. on the old KHJ charts. Nationally, it reached #5 in 1970.

  • Brian

    They are all so good yet so bad! And I just want to say that Rick Dees is a legit artist who created musical magic!!! Ok, I’m over my moment now…sorry…

  • Beth

    I rather liked Seasons in the Sun

  • RainbowRay

    I absolutely LOVE those nostalgia clssics like “I Think I Love You” (was listening to that song and actually watching that video yesterday while thinking of Fiona; boy that song makes me feel good and ROMANTIC, hubba! hubba!

    I don’t see what’s wrong with “My Ding-a-Ling”. I think it’s a funny song along with Alan Sherman’s, “Camp Granada” (“Hello mudda, hello fudda; remember that?). There is something to nostalgic songs even if they are considered “Bad songs” or “one hit wonders”. In MY OPINION, many of them are quite good!!


  • RainbowRay

    Season’s In The Sun came out in 73 or 74 and remember that song very well (have the vinyl single to that song). Terry Jacks (a Canadian artist) and Susan Jacks (his sister I believe) were part of the popular (back then) “Poppy Family”. How many of you remember them? (Which Way You Goin Billy?).

    Season’s in The Sun really moves me when I listen to it as I reflect on my childhood, growing up years going from childhood into adolescentary and then into adultery (HA! HA!).

    Sad years, let go but can never forget. Now it’s a different story as I pursue my RainbowRay, Eric’s Mirror and falling in love with Fiona in Memphis at Graceland dreams.

    Thank you KEARTH101 for (indirectlY) helping me keep my spirits up with the blogs and videos; it’s helping me alot as I make my way to L.A.


  • RainbowRay

    “Afternoon Delight”, now there is a great “one hit wonder” song. I remember listening to this when it first came out and I know for a fact, my brother (Imants) especially loved this song (he would play it constantly on his cassette tape, maybe even 8 track and record). Great tune!

    “Escape (The Pina Coloda Song” by Rupert Holmes is another great song I remember and still have the single too. I think the flipside to that single was a tune called, “Holiday in Hollywood” ( a nice catchy tune to listen to when your travelling). or was that Cliff Richard??


  • jeffk

    Boobs-A-Lot! What ever happened to Boobs-A-Lot?

  • phishtako

    agree with Liza and fran… these songs didnt get to be number 1 by accident…it’s cuz they’re awesome, i love all these songs just like all the people that made it number 1 did…

  • David Rojas

    Each song had its place for the time period they came out…Don’t think that alot of todays music we think is great today won’t be on the same type of list later in years…….If a song becomes #1 alot of people must of liked it.

  • Lorrie

    I like all the songs on your list, with the exception of Disco Duck. Another #1 song I didn’t “get” was Candyman by Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • derrel

    Like his remind’s me of when my first love in 79

  • derrel

    Remind’s of my first love met in 79 when this came out

  • oldies76

    1968’s “Honey” is a really sad song. Also ’74’s “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” is one always mentioned as the worst. “We Built This City” in 1985 is also ranked as one of the bad ones.

    Here’s a listing of all the #1’s nationally:

  • Bob

    How about ‘Chevy Van’?

    • oldies76

      #5 in 1975.

  • Dee

    I hated Billy Don’t be a Hero since I was in the 6th grade

    We used to sing My Ding A Ling. We thought it was cute and catchy.

  • Charbaby

    How about “Honey”? Blah!

    • jeannean lomax

      I was 7 seven when Honey came out and it made me cry back then…but as adults my sister and I bust up LAUGHING whenever that song comes on!!! It’s so sad it’s HORRIBLE AND FUNNY!!!

  • jeannean lomax

    Not sure if it reached number one, but you guys play it a lot! Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp. That song is HORRIBLE in every way…lyrically….the music… the vocals…it sounds like something a 4th grader would write . Everytime I hear it on KEARTH or any station I reach for mute!!!

    • oldies76

      Oh yeah….it was #1, back in ’82

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