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Video: People Are Just Mean To Kirstie Alley!!

alley falling1 Video: People Are Just Mean To Kirstie Alley!!

Photo: YouTube

So yesterday we featured the video of Kirstie Alley and her Dancing With the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy falling during a routine from Monday night’s show.

Now someone has taken the video and added their own audio track to it! That’s just mean!

Is this video wrong???

  • RainbowRay

    I have one question afater seein that video (I didn’t laugh at it), but I’m wondering, “Can people laugh at themselves in awkward situations like that and take it in stride or do we always have to be offended by this?”

    I don’t know what the person was thinking when he/she did this; if he did it to intentionally offend Kirsty then ye, that person is a complete idiot, but if it was only in fun all I can say is that people slhould lighten up.


  • Matteo

    Is it mean? Yes, definitely.
    But, is it funny? Yes, definitely.
    Unfortunately, it’s one of the rules of humor: statistically, now there’s going to be one person very mad – Ms. Alley – while the rest of us will be laughing. Sadly, numbers don’t lie – the percentage wins.

  • RainbowRay

    An ADDON to the above blog: I can give you a good example of what I mean when I say “lighten up”.

    I grew up living with a very sick mother who suffered from chronic depression, a form of psychosi, immaturity and the ability to love her husband and her children (that’s just starters because I’m sure there were a few other things wrong with her as well).

    Also, hygenically, she never looked after hsrself or her teeth. Sad as this true story may seem, today I can look back at this and smile and laugh, saying “She was the poster girl for the before in the before/after Colgate/Crest commercial”. Now, that’s what I call lightening up if I can do that now after having had to grow up with a mother like that.

    Forgive and forget, you betcha because that’s why for the last 10.25 years I had been working on Rainbow Ray and Eric’s Mirror for television and society one day.

    So then I guess, the answer to this question is , “Yes, lighten up!” Miss you Fiona!! XXXXOOOO


  • stella fasulo

    I like to who ever did this get up there and dance. I’ll be easy you just take a step to the right…

  • phishtako

    the video seems light hearted enough and not mean spirited, it’s kinda funny…but when i saw George Lopez call her a pig he was just being mean :/

  • Ray in S.B.

    It’s one thing to laugh at yourself and quite another to laugh at another. And, let’s clear another thing up – many of you are laughing AT Kirstie and not WITH Kirstie.

    If this had happened to Kendra, Petra, or Chelsea, I’d lay money that this knucklehead wouldn’t have created this video. But, it’s just fine to do it, because it’s Kirstie.

    In my opinion, singling a person (or group for that matter) out for this type of “special attention” is what makes it wrong and it sadens me that anyone would condone it.

    Kirstie and Maks practiced long and hard to perfect their routine and wouldn’t have attempted the move on national TV, if they weren’t confident that they could pull it off. Their misfortune shouldn’t be the butt of your jokes.

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