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Prenup Unlikely For Prince William And Kate Middleton Wedding

prince william and kate middleton Prenup Unlikely For Prince William And Kate Middleton Wedding

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

It’s only three weeks from the spectacular royal affair of the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding. Preparations for the royal wedding are coming to a close, including the gown design, rings, cake and registry, but one thing that’s still up in the air is the prenup.

There’s still no word whether or not Prince William will make Kate sign a prenup, but according to most reports, a prenup is unlikely.

British lawyers are urging Prince William to make Kate sign a prenup even though the agreements are very rare between British couples. Many are concerned about the royal couple since Prince Charles and Princess Diana split, but after dating for eight years, the two seem to know they have a solid foundation.

Do you think Prince William should make Kate sign a prenup, or will that put a damper on a true fairy tale wedding?


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