Video: Kirstie Alley Dancing With The Stars “Fail”!

alley falling Video: Kirstie Alley Dancing With The Stars Fail!

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Last night wasn’t a good night for Kirstie Alley and partner Maks Chmerkovskiy.

Watch what happens when they performed last night on Dancing With The Stars!!

Kirstie and her dancing partner didn’t get off to a great start with their routine and took a little tumble to the floor after Maks claims his leg just “gave out.” But like pros, they got right back up and danced to a beautiful finish that was commended by the judges.

Watch what happened during their routine and tell us who’s fault the fall was…Kirtstie or Maks?!

Who’s fault was this???

Listen to Lisa Stanley’s Dancing With The Stars recap from last night:

  • RainbowRay

    It doesn’t really matter whose fault it wasy, the main thing is that they got up and continued; I commend them for that.

    I agree that what that woman said (forget her name), “Someties tragedy leads to beautifuil moments” is SOOOOO true and will be for me and Fiona? Right Fiona? Fiona? FIOOOOONNNNAAAAA! God how I miss you, but I am getting closer to reaaching my dreams that I will share with you for the rest of our lives one day, starting in Memphis. XXXXXXOOOO


  • Sheila

    It’s too bad they couldn’t make it “work’ for them. This just shows Lisa Stanley should have been one of the dancers!

  • Pat

    Here here RainbowRay! I think its rude and downright MEAN to do the “fat” joke stuff with Kirstie. The whole world is NOT skinny and she is working incredibly hard and is very good. This had nothing to do with her weight! How humiliating to fall and how strong to get up and keep going and do quite well, I might add!

  • Ron from Santa Clarita

    It looked like Maks pulled a hampstring nuscle and that means he may have a hard time returning next week. It was funny this morning on the morning show with Bryan that his leg snapped and rivets become unraveled. I did not see the show just saw it on the web site. Kirstie is a beautiful woman and the jokes were funny but pretty much it good taste.

  • Fran

    There is no fault in dancing! They were beautiful! I don’t care what the size of a person is, she was eligant and flowing in the dance! You go girl!

  • lori

    Its no one’s fault! Leave Kirsti alone, what is wrong with you people, or were you bullies when you were children also?

  • Mercuro

    As a dancer, it’s up to me (the lead) to be responsible for all of the moves… Now the follow can “High-Jack” a move, thus taking over the lead and can cause a fall but in this case this did not seem to be what happened.

  • phil

    kirsty is a good sport and a real trooper thats why she is in show buisiness

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