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Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

weight loss monday krth Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

strawberries Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

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Just because you’re looking to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. There are plenty of great foods which you can eat on a daily basis which not only will aid in weight loss, but many of which also will keep you health. According to Men’s Health magazine, there are quite a few power foods, which work for both men and women, to help with weight loss.

1.  Almonds/Nuts:

  • Contain monounsaturated fats
  • High in protein
  • Help clear the heart’s arteries
  • Keeps you full longer
  • When purchasing, avoid nuts which have been smoked or are salted or contain sugar.  Stick to the all natural nuts/almonds.
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    Good to know! RainbowRay also likes to promote healthy eating in young kids!


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