Jack McGee Guests At The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show’s St. Patty’s Day Broadcast

jack mcgee1 Jack McGee Guests At The K EARTH 101 Morning Shows St. Pattys Day Broadcast

Jack McGee sitting in with The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show's live broadcast

The live K-EARTH 101 St. Patty’s Day broadcast at O’Brien’s Irish Pub got a special treat when award-winning Irish actor Jack McGee made a guest stop on the show!

McGee grew up in the south Bronx and was a fireman for 10 years when he transitioned to an award-winning actor. He’d been acting for a while when he scored a fitting role as a fireman on Rescue Me.

Most recently appearing in the Best Picture Oscar-nominated film The Fighter, McGee won a Critic’s Choice Award as part of the Best Ensemble for the film.

Jack was just one of the celebrity guests stopping by O’Brien’s Irish Pub this morning. Check out all the photos from the St. Patty’s Day live broadcast HERE and listen to his interview below!

  • RainbowRay

    Top O’ The mornin to ya, ya big lugs at KEARTH 101! Have a shinin day or I will hit ya with me shalehli. Too-a-loora-loora and too-a-loora-li ya folks. Sometimes full of “blarney”, but always fun to listen to yas”.


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