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Video: Mel Gibson Sentenced In Court


mel gibson1 Video: Mel Gibson Sentenced In Court

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Did you miss it?? Friday, Mel Gibson plead “no contest” in front of a judge and was sentenced to probation.


Gibson was sentenced to 36 months of probation and must complete 16 hours of community service with Mending Kids International. He also has to enroll in a 52 week domestic violence counseling program and pay a $400 domestic violence fine.

What do you think, did he get off too easy or does the punishment fit the crime?!

  • Diane

    For a first time offense, it was fair. From what I read in the Colorado newspapers for first time offenders, its about the same.

  • RainbowRay

    I think it’s reasonable and maybe working with Mending Kids international (name rings a bell, but not familiar with this organization) will help. If it has anything to with “abused children” or anything like that, then I’m for it. I think I’ll check it out on the net.

    Maybe he’ll have learned something from all of what he’s been through. I hope so.


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