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Poll: How Do You Get Your Kids Up In The Morning?

98080444 Poll: How Do You Get Your Kids Up In The Morning?

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Now that daylight savings time is over, we all lost an hour sleep!!

It’s hard enough for us adults to wake up every morning, but what about your kids?

We are asking, “how do you wake your kids up?” Share your tricks with us!

Use something different that’s proven to get the kids up and moving? Post your never-fail technique below.

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  • mark

    people like you are one of the reasons kids are so disrespectful these days. they think everything is considered child abuse and know they can call the police and their parents will be in trouble for the littlest thing…like putting water or ice on them to wake them up. VERY SAD..


  • RainbowRay

    I wouldn’t use any of the above methods; I would use my CREATIVITY to get them up (it would be fun, but I’m not saying it would work all the time). I guess as they get older, you have to adjust your creativity to that age leve. Surely, everyone is creative ans something. I mean, why should parenting be chore? It should be fun; even the challenges could be fun and creative if you let it to be.

    I’ve READ alot of books, listened to alot of professionals (mostly via DVD) and have observed other people and they they handle their kids (indirectly however, but still I have) and I think to myself, “Why does parenting have to be a chore?” It shouldn’t and I hope one day to show that to the friends I make in California one day, right Fiona? Fiona? FIONNNNNNAAA! Boy, do I miss that girl more and more everyday.

    Just a little food for thought, but I think I’m right. There are a number of creative ways you can wake up your kids without using the same routines, but I’m gonna save them–for now!! (HA! HA!). You know the saying, “:good things come to thosde who wait, right” I should know!

    Fiona is a good thing and is worth waiting for in Memphis one day.

    Have a great day!


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