Charlie Sheen Brings ‘Warm Hugs’ To The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show With Gary Bryan While On The Treadmill

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charlie sheen2 Charlie Sheen Brings Warm Hugs To The K EARTH 101 Morning Show With Gary Bryan While On The Treadmill

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Well he kept his promise…Charlie Sheen called in this morning during his morning jog on the treadmill! Just days after he was officially fired from Two and a Half Men, Charlie is still in winning spirits and isn’t worried about the future one bit.

Listen to the entire interview and catch up on everything with Charlie Sheen in one of his most down to earth interviews so far!

[pullquote quote="Those are all warm hugs, they're all an absolute homage. If it's done tastefully and with really smart humor, I just think it's totally gnarls-gnarlington." credit="Charlie Sheen on SNL spoofs"]

There has been a lot of question about Charlie Sheen’s behavior lately, and everyone has been trying to analyze his mental stability without ever having met him, but Charlie assures that he’s just fine. How does he describe his behavior?

“Winning behavior? I don’t know,” he says in true Sheen fashion. “I just have to scoff at their silliness, because they never met the man…I must dismiss them with a flick of my finger. Buh-bye. Sizzle, losing, buh-bye!”

The same day of Gary & Lisa’s first interview with Charlie on Monday, Charlie was officially fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men, but doesn’t have all the facts on why they came to that decision.

Along with the erratic behavior seen from Charlie lately, are the comedy spoofs on late night TV and even by Hugh Laurie on the latest episode of House. So what does he think of all the spoofs?

“Those are all warm hugs, they’re all an absolute homage,” he says. “If it’s done tastefully and with really smart humor, I just think it’s totally gnarls-gnarlington.”

Now that he’s free from his obligations on Men, Charlie has made plans to head down to Haiti with Sean Penn (and the lovely Scarlett Johansson) to deliver a little bit of faith and put a smile on their faces.

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He also doesn’t see any future in a TV career now that he’s been fired from Men, but is in the works to launch his movie career with some amazing directors, and even says Major League 3 is around the corner!

“There’s tons of opportunity…I’ve got geniuses just waiting for me to say ‘let’s do this.’ I’m not really worried. I’ve got no job, I’ve got no dough, but…” Charlie joked. With a recent deal with Live Nation, movie plans in the works and charity work in Haiti, he already has a lot on his plate that will keep him busy for a while.

A lot more is covered in Gary & Lisa’s exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen, including a half-apology or “apol” to his co-star Jon Cryer after his recent attack on him. Listen to his entire interview with Gary & Lisa and see what’s in store for Charlie next:

Or watch the recorded interview:

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