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Charlie Sheen Brings ‘Warm Hugs’ To The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show With Gary Bryan While On The Treadmill

charlie sheen2 Charlie Sheen Brings Warm Hugs To The K EARTH 101 Morning Show With Gary Bryan While On The Treadmill

Photo: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Well he kept his promise…Charlie Sheen called in this morning during his morning jog on the treadmill! Just days after he was officially fired from Two and a Half Men, Charlie is still in winning spirits and isn’t worried about the future one bit.

Listen to the entire interview and catch up on everything with Charlie Sheen in one of his most down to earth interviews so far!

[pullquote quote=”Those are all warm hugs, they’re all an absolute homage. If it’s done tastefully and with really smart humor, I just think it’s totally gnarls-gnarlington.” credit=”Charlie Sheen on SNL spoofs”]

There has been a lot of question about Charlie Sheen’s behavior lately, and everyone has been trying to analyze his mental stability without ever having met him, but Charlie assures that he’s just fine. How does he describe his behavior?

“Winning behavior? I don’t know,” he says in true Sheen fashion. “I just have to scoff at their silliness, because they never met the man…I must dismiss them with a flick of my finger. Buh-bye. Sizzle, losing, buh-bye!”

The same day of Gary & Lisa’s first interview with Charlie on Monday, Charlie was officially fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men, but doesn’t have all the facts on why they came to that decision.

Along with the erratic behavior seen from Charlie lately, are the comedy spoofs on late night TV and even by Hugh Laurie on the latest episode of House. So what does he think of all the spoofs?

“Those are all warm hugs, they’re all an absolute homage,” he says. “If it’s done tastefully and with really smart humor, I just think it’s totally gnarls-gnarlington.”

Now that he’s free from his obligations on Men, Charlie has made plans to head down to Haiti with Sean Penn (and the lovely Scarlett Johansson) to deliver a little bit of faith and put a smile on their faces.

[photogallerylink id=35963 align=left]

He also doesn’t see any future in a TV career now that he’s been fired from Men, but is in the works to launch his movie career with some amazing directors, and even says Major League 3 is around the corner!

“There’s tons of opportunity…I’ve got geniuses just waiting for me to say ‘let’s do this.’ I’m not really worried. I’ve got no job, I’ve got no dough, but…” Charlie joked. With a recent deal with Live Nation, movie plans in the works and charity work in Haiti, he already has a lot on his plate that will keep him busy for a while.

A lot more is covered in Gary & Lisa’s exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen, including a half-apology or “apol” to his co-star Jon Cryer after his recent attack on him. Listen to his entire interview with Gary & Lisa and see what’s in store for Charlie next:

Or watch the recorded interview:

More Charlie Sheen:

  • RainbowRay

    I could use some “warm hugs” right about (still thinking about you Fiona, still miss you, still making my way to L.A. Californiyay in the good ole U.S.A. Oh look, another rhyme!).

    “Rainbow Ray” and “Eric’s MIrror” hope to deliver a bit of faith and put smiles on kids faces also. Hi Shotgun Tom! HI NANCY!

    As for Mr. Sheen; I’m glad he’s taking a brake from all that crap and going to Haiti with Sean Penn; I think it would do him a world of good.


    • Ruben

      GET A LIFE.

  • Fred

    Trivia: Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer worked together in 1991 in Hot Shots (the first one).

  • Derek

    Really disappointed in both of you all I heard you do was kiss his butt. You didn’t ask him any hardnosed questions like where all his money went 75 mil or thereabouts over the last 10 years of being on the show.

    All I heard was you two say how great he was.

  • oldies76

    Who cares, why have a story on this bum. Focus on music instead…you’re a radio station, right??

    • Gary Bryan

      You must have us mixed up with an iPod… we do more than just play music.

    • DNA

      oooo BURN! And Charlie Sheen is a WINNER, living like a god!

  • LIN

    Very disappointed that you made time for Charlie S. I thought this was a family show and giving someone like him the opportunity to speak is not acceptable. Look at his lifestyle, it certainly does not represent anything to do with family. It wasn’t necessary to have him on when he is plastered on just about every media outlet already.

  • martha

    Charlie is Charlie!!! Dont let the comment bother you!! You guys did a great job interviewing him!! He sounded good this morning.. better than other days! What he is doing or not doing in recent days doesnt erase the fact that he is an amazing actor!! He will bounce back as does everyone in hollywood who gets in trouble!! I am a true blue Charlie fan and what he’s doing doesnt make me like him less, if it did that to me, i wouldnt be a true fan!! :-)

  • Bold not old

    You guys have not been nice to him. Everybody wants their entertainment “scandalous”
    I feel disgrace for the human race

    • Scott

      If I personally had time to set up the question I would ask ? If it were absolute I would say, If you are not sure of the prospective question, nor the inception. It would seem diffi(cult). to receive an honest answer. I like to chat.

  • David

    In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  • Leila

    I believe you did the right thing it’s not up to us to judge people on how to live their life everyone should but off. He is free to live his private life the way see fit , on the screen he have to keep his fan happy not to screw up, it’s his courier and future .I guess now it’s going down the drain if he does not deal with it and face some issues and bend few of his rules
    Love you Charlie.
    May God guide you to do the right thing?

    • Gary Bryan

      I like your response.

  • Lorelei McBroom

    I love these interviews. Charlie sounds like he’s in rare form on this new one especially. Most people do not work in the entertainment industry and don’t realize what hypocrites the executives can be. I applaud Charlie for fighting back! His personal life is his own to sort out and the morality police need to start in their own homes. Charlie is shining a light on things that need to have exposed and I hope he wins his case! Great job Gary and Lisa too!

  • Feline Phlebotomist

    Charlie was great, you guys were great, LOVED IT!

  • kim

    Of course he loves you guys. Where else can he go to get his butt kissed so thoroughly. I know you see this as a feather in your cap…2 interviews with Charlie Sheen….wow! but can you say ‘grovel”?

  • HiroProtagonist

    wow. this was a terrible “interview”. not nearly as good as the one i heard give with Howard Stern.

  • Joser

    Gary, you have the greatest morning show of all time! I almost cried when you weren’t on the air, but you came back.

    As for the stuff about Charlie Sheen, it’s a little concerning but he said himself, “you haven’t met the man”, I don’t know what he’s like in person (i’d love to meet him, though) so, I can’t really comment on his behavior in public.. (logically, neither can most people..?) His personal business is HIS personal business as much as OUR personal business is our own.

    I was listening this morning and I have to say, people sadly take a negative approach to the lives of others, namely “celebrities”. If it’s not an attack, it must be butt-kissing… That’s just sad.

    “2 Keys to Peace are Respect and Consideration.”

  • Cindyb

    Should have asked him what he did with that girl. she lett? yeah right why asnt there been any pictures of her anywhere since?????? Tiger Blood hmmm just sayin someone need to check that

  • Steve G

    Great interview. Both of you stuck with questions which were relevent to Charlie’s career and the future of 2 1/2 Men. As far as his personal life goes, that is his business. Glad to see K-EARTH being recognized on a national platform. Great Job Gary & Lisa

  • Not a Fan

    a disgusting display by gary bryan and lisa. This man is mentally ill — don’t exploit him for your 15 minutes of fame. Your happy talk and ass kissing is disgusting. He needs help -not enabling.

  • melissa

    who is this chick? she is annoying….kissing Charlies ass…….go away…. your laugh is annoying as hell too….I have never listened to this show and I will NEVER listen to it again because of her…. wow how annoying is she?????…..

  • Bobbi

    I don’t think CBS has been pining to terminate Charlie for a long time. I read on one of the celeb sites that after signing his current 2-year contract (now invalid), Charlie didn’t want to work with a certain person. Yes, Charlie’s an actor, and, apparently, an amazing one, as martha mentioned. He got CBS to fire him. The ex-wives just happened to “fall into place.” It’s sad his children were involved. But, hey, I guess he can’t tote kids along on a live tour. His appearance significantly improved after he heard he was fired, and he went to Live Nation. And listen to the way he talks now; he doesn’t sound unstable – unlike the ranting lunatic he was before. It’s because he thinks he’ll come out winning: still getting paid if someone replaces him. I hope the arbitrators favor for CBS. Forget having Charlie take any more drug tests; make him take a lie-detector test!

  • chris b

    i think charlie sheen is awesome , that show not going to do good with out him he was the show, i think cbs is making a big mistake whos going to watch that show , if theres no charlie on there then im not going to watch it and all my friends and family said the same thing, 2 1/2 men is eve my parents favorite show, i hope cbs gets smart and hires him back hes an awesome guy, they need to hire him back there losing money not having him on the show

  • donna


    • imani'

      TRUE TRUE . !!!

  • kelly

    CBS may just come back with a new version,”One and a Half Men”.All the best to Charlie.My wife and I will miss the great laughter.Love you guys at KRTH.

  • Don Belongia

    Why I listen to K-Earth.

    You make listening to music fun. You have great segways to commercials. I thank you for making my day that much brighter.

  • Ron from Santa Clarita

    Rock on Charlie! All those pudits and gossip queens / kings said you need an intervention. From what I hear it sounds like you know your business and will not let anyone in Warner Bros screw you over. Smart & Good sense of humor. Rock on!!!!

  • Debbie

    If Charlie wasn’t a parent I would say it would be okay to act however he pleases but his every move affects his kids. Lisa went overboard by saying “you’re great and we love you”. I’m not sure what he’s done that makes him so great, Lisa. I’m a big fan of his show and his character but it’s mainly because he’s pretty much playing himself. I’m not sure that takes too much great acting. Hope he gets his act together soon for the sake of his children as well as his own. I agree that this was his most normal sounding interview yet.

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