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Charlie Sheen – Day 2 – He Couldn’t Call Us Back!

charlie sheen Charlie Sheen   Day 2   He Couldnt Call Us Back!

Photo: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Charlie Sheen was expected to call us this morning at 6am!  Well we waited… and tried… and nothing!!

Later, we got a hold of a text message on the reason why!

nick text Charlie Sheen   Day 2   He Couldnt Call Us Back!

Photo: Nick Cannon

But if you just can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen, listen to Gary & Lisa’s phone interview with him on Monday!

  • Macadocious1

    Come on. Give the man a break. He just got fired from his job. You don’t kick a man when he losses his job! In this economy? Some things should ALWAYS matter…like the golden rule, for example. Remember what she taught you all those years, you looking up at her? I didn’t think you did.

  • Macadocious1

    It OK. You can blog to say you agree with me. Nobody will judge you too harshly, if you do. Hmmm, on second thought…better just let Mr. Sheen and other independent thinkers do your speaking. Their houses are strong enough to repel thrown stones.

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