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Listen How Mark Wahlberg Used K-EARTH 101 to Help Train for The Fighter!

mark wahlberg Listen How Mark Wahlberg Used K EARTH 101 to Help Train for The Fighter!

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In case you missed our exclusive phone interview with Mark Wahlberg on Wednesday, we have the entire conversation with the Oscar nominated producer/star of The Fighter right here! Listen to Gary & Lisa talk with Mark while he’s on set of yet another upcoming movie he’s producing!

While having good friend and co-star of The Fighter Jack McGee in studio yesterday, Gary and Lisa got a hold of the man behind the film on the phone. Mark Wahlberg took a few minutes off in the middle of shooting a new film just to talk with his favorite morning show hosts!

Listen to Mark Wahlberg talk about the honor of being nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and how listening to K-EARTH 101 helped him through his intense training for the movie!!

  • skeeter Wright

    Tell Mark hello for me, I was in a movie with him as one of the family friends, _______Rockstar!

  • Gary Bryan

    He’s a cool dude! And a KEARTH 101 fan!


    RAN INTO TWO EXCEPTIONALLY WELL WRITTEN “motion picture reviews'”of [#1] MARK WAHLBERG’s new motion picture “The FIGHTER” as well as [# 2] James Franco starring in “127 Hours” at the following web site from The Rockford Institute back East.

    bOTH REVIEWS ARE NOW CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT ‘’ – February, 2011 edition – pp. 48 & 49 in column IN THE DARK – “Mortal Terrors” written by George McCartney. THOUGHT, perhaps [?], LISA could pass to GARY WAHLBERG’s people for his scrap-book, since it is a highly favorable ‘review’ of that motion picture.


    “CORRECTION” to web site – Should read “” for that NON-PROFIT!

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