Entertainment Report: Lindsay Lohan Tries To Fight Jailtime for Felony Grand Theft

lindsay lohan Entertainment Report: Lindsay Lohan Tries To Fight Jailtime for Felony Grand Theft

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

It’s another day in court for Lindsay Lohan. This morning, she’s hoping to convince the judge to avoid a trial on felony grand theft charges steaming from the $2,500 necklace she allegedly stole from a jewelry store. Do you think she’ll avoid jail time, or will she be wearing an orange jumpsuit by the end of the week?

According to TMZ.com,  Lindsay’s attorney will try to plea bargain down the charge with no jail time in court today with Judge Keith L. Schwartz. Prosecutors already told Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley that any plea bargain will include significant jail time, but LiLo refuses to accept a plea that includes jail.

The Hollywood starlet insists that she’s innocent and is reportedly ready to go to trial to clear her name of the felony grand theft charges. Do you think Lindsay’s headed behind bars?!

  • Jackie

    No. Celebs never do.

  • Grigori

    Hope so! Maybe that will straighten her out… a little.

  • chief

    lindsay.. lindsay .. lindsay … that’s all i hear….. if she go’s to jail
    Sooo f ‘n what….. I KNOW ONE THINK … IF IT WAS ME……..
    I WOULD BE IN JAIL ALL RIGHT ! ! ! ! ! !
    ( and that’s the truth !! )

  • RainbowRay

    Hey ELVIS! I wonder if Lindsay will like “Jailhouse Rock” after her possible jail stint. NOT!!


  • RainbowRay

    Hey ELVIS! I wonder of Lindsay even likes “Jailhouse Rock” and IF she does jailtime (you never know with some celebrities),she’ll hate the song even more.



    She has no respect for the law or herself. I know she needs help, but she is a grown women & must be held responsible for her actions. The rest of are & don’t get a little slap on the wrist. The judge should treat her just like everyone else and give her jail time. Maybe then she’ll grow up.

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