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Video Of The Day: Justin Bieber Fan Upset About GRAMMY Loss

justin b Video Of The Day: Justin Bieber Fan Upset About GRAMMY Loss

Photo: Getty Images - Jason Merritt

Check out this little Justin Bieber fan’s reaction to his loss at the Sunday’s Grammy Awards!

  • RainbowRay

    You know what I would say to Jonah (I think that’s the name of the child)? I would ask him, “Do you think just because he lost this time means he’s never going to win again? If he says “no”, I would then say, “Then that means, there will many more chances for him again, right?”

    Also, “Do you think Justin’s going to win every single award that comes his way? You can’t win all the time; sometimes he will win an award and sometimes he won’t” About a time the child did something special, I would remind him of that time he did it and what it was (could be an award or a simple achievment he did himself independently)or times that child didn’t win a race or whatever it was he was participating in.

    Also the fact that he’s reminded that just because he didn’t win an award doesn’t mean that he isn’t a bad singer and that you can still like him no matter what; he’s still a great singer, like you will always be a great child to me because I love you so much and always remember that” or something to that effect .

    Positive reaffirmations that “sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t and that it’s okay to be like that; still makes you special and human”.


  • MJ fan

    Who cares?

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