Poll: Lady Gaga vs. Madonna

gaga Poll: Lady Gaga vs. Madonna

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Lady Gaga has sparked controversy with her new single “Born this way” with fans and critics accusing that the track is similar to Madonna‘s 1989 hit “Express yourself.”

Though the song reached number one on the iTunes charts soon after its debut, it got mixed reviews from the critics amid accusations of a rip-off.  After uploading the song on her Twitter.com she immediately faced a barrage of comments from her fans.

“Lady Gaga’s song’s good, but my God it sounds exactly like Madonna’s Express Yourself,” one fan wrote.

So we ask….

  • RainbowRay

    Doesn’t sound similar at all; people going “Ga Ga” orver nothing. RainbowRay

  • Derek

    I am not a Gaga fan. I just find her weirdness and look contrived. If she were really that bizarre as she claims she is then why was she dressing normal BEFORE he success?

    I just find her whole persona quite pretentious and calculated. She is acting strange all the way to the bank. So she got what she wanted in that respect.

  • MJ fan

    Madonna is yesterday, Lady GaGa is today.

    get over it people
    Chatty Cathy

  • goldie


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