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Poll: Was Lindsay’s White Dress Inappropriate For Court?

lindsay white dress Poll: Was Lindsays White Dress Inappropriate For Court?

Photo: Getty Images Toby Canham

On Wednesday Lindsay Lohan showed up to court in a White, skin tight dress!!

The dress from designer Kimberly Ovitz’s pre-fall collection is selling out at online stores that carry it.  It retails for $575.

USA Today put out a poll……

She has been drawing criticism for her choice of outfit for her date in a Los Angeles court Wednesday in connection with an alleged jewelry theft.  Nearly half of the respondents in an ongoing “USA Today” poll feel the tight white dress Lohan wore when she appeared before the judge was not appropriate courtroom attire, but would consider it, quote, “a nightclub outfit.”  Only 14-percent believe, quote, “She’s a young star.  She looked great.”  Meanwhile, 39-percent seem to be taking Lindsay’s latest social blunder in stride, saying, quote, “It doesn’t matter.  It’s typical Lindsay Lohan.”

Now we ask….

  • Cheryl Short

    This girl needs to get a life. Who does she think she is fooling?? Grow up Lindsey!

  • Brenda

    If I did the things she has done, I would be in jail serving hard time…justice is not blind, money talks!

  • John Minter

    She is doing these things for attention. And the media gives it to her! Who is smart?!?
    Ignore her and she will have to party with Charlie to to get attention!!!

  • Kirk Grant

    I think Lindsay is inapproriate , I’m tired of this no talent juvinile getting out of trouble everytime she does something wrong.

  • Ruben

    Just another bimbo who needs a life ! Although she did look great in that dress.

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