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Did You Know: CCR’s “Proud Mary”

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john fogerty Did You Know: CCRs Proud Mary

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On ‘Tickets @ 2’ listen for “Proud Mary,” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Creedence Clearwater Revival[/lastfm]. John Fogerty wrote the lyrics based on three song title ideas “Proud Mary,” “Riverboat,” and “Rolling On A River.”

John Fogerty carried around a notebook with titles that he thought would make good songs. “Proud Mary” was at the top of the list. The line, “Pumped a lot of pain down in New Orleans” is actually “Pumped a lot of ‘Pane,” as in propane.

Even though Creedence Clearwater Revival was from El Cerrito, California, many people thought they were from New Orleans because of their sound. The rumor was fed by naming their second album Bayou Country.

This was the first of five singles by Creedence that went to #2 on the U.S. chart. They had the most #2 songs without ever having a #1.

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