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Elton John Leaks iPad 2 Info

eltonjohn2 Elton John Leaks iPad 2 Info

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Normally [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elton John[/lastfm] isn’t a go to source for technology news,  but in this case I am making an exception.

He recently leaked some info about what could be the second generation of Apple’s iPad.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elton John[/lastfm] told Telegraph:

I’m a Luddite. I don’t have a phone, I don’t have a computer, I don’t have an iPad and I don’t have an iPod. But this is going to be a problem for me because they’re coming out with a Skype iPad in April… and I’ve got to get one because I want to see my son when I’m not there — I’ll have to enter the world of technology.

And what’s the reason for the upcoming journey into technology for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elton John[/lastfm]? So he can use Skype and see his son, Zachary, when he isn’t home.

Zachary is less than 3 months old and already is more tech savvy than his dad. The little guy already has his own iPod.

  • RainbowRay

    Yeah, I’ve read where they have iPad’s and iPod’s for pre-school children now. How about that? Is it a good idea? All I can say, is what’s the rush of picking up this technology and especailly at that age? Just to be up with Joneses and the technology.. Are people afraid that their kid is going to left behind if they don’t start on the technology early in life I don’t think that’s true.

    I can understand Elton wanting to see his son, Zachary ( I wonder if he was named after your late president, Zachary Taylor? Do you think?) because he is missing his child’s dvelopment and in that regard “Skype” would definately be an asset for him, but as for the iPad and iPod technology for pre-schoolers, I would prefer letting my child learn, grow and develop at their own pace (learning from others first; technology can come later; I really don’t think there is a rush to be so damn competitive is there?)


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