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Video: Little Girl Reacts To NFC Championship Outcome

little girls reaction Video: Little Girl Reacts To NFC Championship Outcome

Photo: YouTube

At the tender age of 4 years old, young Lauren isn’t a football fanatic just yet, but after learning the outcome of the NFC Championship between Chicago and Green Bay last week, she just isn’t having that Green Bay beat Chicago.

Her dad patiently tries to calm her down and tell her that the family is also Green Bay fans, but her reaction is priceless. Check out this adorable video of her upsetting response to Green Bay heading to the big game!

Don’t worry little girl, all of Chicago feels the same way.

[Source: Urlesque]

  • Rosie Dominguez

    That is way to much stress for a four year old. But, I’m sure there are plenty of “grow ups” crying like four year olds for the same reason.

  • RainbowRay

    I know how to cheer that little girl up, how about playing for her the song “Chicago, Chicago, that toddilin town….” (or something like that by Frank Sinatra; that may cheer her up). Maybe have her write a list of 10 things that she likes about the Chicago Bears and why she wanted them to win and read it to mom and dad? Wouldn’t that be fun, huh? Of course, she may say no (poor thing) but it’s worth a try and they are both POSITIVE THINGS, right?

    There’s always next year and besides the Black Hawks one the cup last year, remember? How did you feel then? (a problem if she hates hockey, but still a good example to use)


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