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Remembering President Ronald Reagan

ronald reagan and shotgun tom kelly Remembering President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan & K-EARTH 101's "Shotgun Tom" Kelly

As we come up on President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday I can’t help but thinking back about that day in November 1987 when I met him in the West Wing of the White House. Congressman Duncan Hunter and myself walked in to the Oval Office and The President got up from behind his desk and walked over to the shell bookcase to meet us.

He said “Hello Shotgun, I understand you were keeping the people entertained while they were waiting for me in San Diego.” I said, “Yes Mr. President, and I bring you this ranger hat as a gift which has been a part of my broadcasting career for years.  It is my hope that you will try it on.”

He took the hat from me and said, “Well, looks like it fits just fine.” And the White House photographer took the picture below.

ronald reagan and shotgun tom kelly2 Remembering President Ronald Reagan

When we were waiting to see the President in the hallway outside of the Oval Office I said to myself, “What am I going to talk about with the leader of the free world? I’m just a radio guy.” And I thought, “well talk about what you know, broadcasting.”

When anyone gets a meeting with the President it’s 5 minutes. As we talked about radio and his recreating the ball games back in Iowa we stayed for 10 min.

It’s a time I will always remember.


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