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Five Football Movies to Watch for a Family Movie Night

family fun wednesday Five Football Movies to Watch for a Family Movie Night

brians song1 Five Football Movies to Watch for a Family Movie Night

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With the big game coming up this weekend, what better way to bring the whole family together for a movie night of your favorite football flick! Check out our list of the best football movies the whole family will enjoy!

1. Brian’s Song (1970): It’s the movie that makes men cry; Based on a real-life story of a teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers and their growing friendship as they learn Brian is dying.

2. Rudy (1993): Rudy overcomes his small size determined to make his dream come true to play college ball for Notre Dame.

3. Little Giants (1994): A fun comedy of two rivaling brothers, one who coaches the elite football team and the other who forms his own team of misfits.

4. Remember the Titans (2000): Based on a true story of a new African-American coach leading a high school team during their first season as a racially integrated school.

5. Radio (2003): An touching story of a high school coach taking a mentally challenged student under his wing.

  • Joella

    Love Brian’s Song and Remember the Titans. Brings back lots of good memories from the era the movies portrayed!

  • RainbowRay

    have seen all of those movies and they were all TERRIFIC! I enjoy movies where there is a story line about overcoming adversity, especially if it’s a true story. Knowing that the story is true makes the film much more enjoyable for me.

    Cuba Gooding was amazing in Radio!!

    In terms of movies, I like a little bit of everything.


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