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Entertainment Report: Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab After Bender

charlie sheen Entertainment Report: Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab After Bender

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After another all night bender and hospitalization, the troubled Charlie Sheen has finally decided to voluntarily enter rehab at an undisclosed facility. What does this mean for his hit TV show Two and a Half Men?

Sheen is expected to stay in rehab for the next six weeks, or according to TMZ, for the next three months! His stint in rehab interferes with his popular prime time show which will derailed while he regains his sobriety.

CBS only has two unaired episodes on Two and a Half Men, and they are saying repeats are inevitable with Sheen is in rehab. They’re even considering preparing a few episodes without Sheen’s character making an appearance. If his absence goes past mid-March, it’s possible that CBS will even replace the hit comedy with another show.

Do you think Two and a Half Men can survive without Charlie Sheen’s character, or is the show doomed if he doesn’t return?

  • maria

    No, sorry but his the one that makes the show funny.

  • RainbowRay

    An “all night bender?” You call that “a party?” My dad liked to entertain and I remember him throwing great parties at home in Toronto with the friends and family we had as I was growing up.

    I believe I picked up my “liking for entertaining from my father” but on a more “grander and more elaborate scale” ( and WITHOUT THE DRUGS) and I like to live on “LIFE AND FUN” (for me drugs aren’t fun; never even tried it and this would also be a good piece of advice for kids and teens out there).

    I consider myself to be a “HARMONIZER” of sorts in terms of music and party giving (entertaining). I enjoy social times immensely and dream of being surrounded with “genuine friends” one day.

    In the meantime, I keep plugging away and keep hoping and dreaming.

    Oh yes, one more thing, I think the show “Two and A Half Men” will do just fine without him (I’ve seen the show and it’s pretty damn funny, but it’s been a few seasons).


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