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Did You Know: Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”

billy joel Did You Know: Billy Joels The Longest Time

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Happy Monday! Today on ‘Tickets @ 2’ it’s a pair of tickets to see Natalie Cole at the Orange County Pacific Symphony in Costa Mesa. Just be caller # 8 when we play “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel at 1-800-232-KRTH (5784).

This song would be considered next to a Capella. It contains only one actual instrument, a bass guitar. Everything else is voice, snaps and claps.

On the TV show Family Guy, this was used in a flashback to discuss the invention of singing. It showed several cavemen sitting around grunting, until they all spontaneously break out into this song.

Be listening between two and three to win.

  • RainbowRay

    I remember that song by Billy Joel; I haven’t heard that song in “The Longest Time”, but I remember it well and still have the single which I also haven’t heard in the Longest time.


  • Diana Goldman

    yea baby….I love Billy Joel.
    And who do you love?!
    that “verrrry good friend”?
    (poking around here, obvious eh. just looking for straight answers James darling…ooox) diana
    ps. THANKS again 4 the terrific job of not only calming me down!-that technique “STOP-SLOW DOWN,STOP” actually got my attention AND it worked! Unusual. AS YOU ARE:)

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