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Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized From Stage Fall

jimmy buffett Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized From Stage Fall

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

During a performance in Australia Tuesday night, singer [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jimmy Buffett[/lastfm] was rushed to the hospital after falling off the stage and hitting his head which left him unconscious for moments.  According to witnesses in the audience, the fall was caused by flashing lights from the lighting director which made it difficult for Buffett to see the edge of the stage.

According to, the 64-year-old singer was treated at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney for injuries sustained after falling into a large gap in front of the stage during his show’s finale at Hordern Pavilion.

A fan in the front row said that Buffett was unconscious for about 5-10 minutes with a gash on his head then paramedics arrived 15 minutes later.

Sean Fogarty was also watching the show front and center and told TMZ that Buffett was walking along the edge of the stage when “a huge flash of light” was shined on the singer, making it difficult to see where the stage ended. The next thing Fogarty heard was Buffett’s head striking metal from the fall.

Another audience member had a slightly different story saying that Buffett looked like he was about to jump off the stage to shake hands, but misjudged the jump and fell. They also claimed to witness Buffett hitting metal on the way down.

The singer is currently being treated for his injuries from the fall and is in stable condition. Doctors are keeping him in the hospital overnight for observation.

[Source: TMZ]

  • RainbowRay

    Enjoy his music! Get well Jimmy!


  • Mikey

    Maybe he spent to much time in “Margaritaville” before the show. No, but seriously, as an actor, I know it’s difficult to see the edge of the stage with extremely bright lights in your face.

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