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Tabloid Thursday: Katie Holmes’ Drug Shocker

katie holmes Tabloid Thursday: Katie Holmes Drug Shocker

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Star Magazine has a very somber looking Katie Holmes on the cover with the headline, “Addiction Nightmare Katie’s Drug Shocker.” But the headline as usual is totally misleading.

The story inside is actually about how Katie’s Scientology E meter readings give her a temporary feeling of euphoria followed by a crash.

The E meter reading is almost as dangerous as actual drugs according to a former Scientologist who compares the readings to every other drug out there. They say after having the E meter readings, there’s a craving for more and more.

We’re not sure what’s in those readings, but Star magazine is claiming it has made Katie a drug addict.

  • RainbowRay

    Sorry to here your so sick Lisa; hope your feeling better (even though it is necessary(?) for you to come in to work when your sick). I recently got over a bout of bronchitis (what fun!), so I can relate.

    Never heard of an E-meter before; sounds like something “Rainbow Ray” would take when he’s sick (an E-mom-meter instead of a thermometer. This joke brought to you by the letter E–ha! ha! for Get well soon LIsa!)

    As for The Star’s headline (ha! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!….etc). Why do people read this garbage? I like reading books myself, including childrens literature; some great reading out there (Judy Bloom, Dr. Seuss, Suzy Klein, etc).


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