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Monty The Gunshot Desert Dog Update!

monty2 Monty The Gunshot Desert Dog Update!

Many listeners have asked me if there’s been an update on Monty.  It’s awesome so many people care about this wonderful dog.  So, in answer to your inquirers about how Monty’s doing, I emailed Sally.  She’s the K-EARTH listener who first brought Monty’s story to my attention.  I asked Sally if she’d fill us all in on how Monty The  Gunshot Desert Dog is doing, and here is her update.

Animal Rescue Volunteers Simi Valley (ARV-Simi) had been tenaciously attempting to save both of Monty’s hind legs; legs torn apart by gunshot words, requiring multiple surgeries.  In September of last year, the situation was looking bright; his right hind leg was healing, and every one of Monty’s 2500+ Facebook fans were cheering him on with good wishes and prayers.

Monty’s foster mom, Julie, kept everyone updated with frequent pictures and an occasional YouTube of the little guy bravely walking with a splinted leg.  Monty’s left hind leg required more surgeries, and continued to decline in healing.  On Dec. 21, 2010, it became necessary to amputate Monty’s left hind leg.  As a spokesperson for ARV-Simi stated, “We lost the battle, but won the war.”

Monty has been his usual brave self and is learning to walk as a 3 legged dog.  A recent YouTube posted by Julie, demonstrates that he’s adapting well.  In fact, he was ‘leading’ his foster mom down the street, in pursuit of a skateboard!

His spirit continues to shine brightly, and ARV-Simi will soon be looking for a forever home for Monty.  Those of us who have followed Monty on his roller coaster ride of treatments are thrilled that he is free to live his life now, and know he’s going to be an absolute treasure for some lucky person or family.

Thank you Sally!  And if you’d like more info about Monty The Gunshot Desert Dog, or you’d like to make a donation to his care, please visit ARV.


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