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Stevie Nicks Remakes Old Song “Secret Love” For New Album

stevie nicks Stevie Nicks Remakes Old Song Secret Love For New Album

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We recently heard the news that Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart are heading out on tour together in the spring — ending at the Hollywood Bowl in April. Now Stevie Nicks has released a new single for her first solo album in a decade, but it might sound familiar to some diehard fans.

Nicks has re-recorded her ’70s demo track “Secret Love,” which has been bootlegged for years by fans, but is now being officially released on her upcoming album In Your Dreams in May.

Though she demoed an early version of “Secret Love” in the late ’70s, Stevie Nicks has given the simple track a 21st century boost in the modern, cleaned up version. The single will be featured on her seventh solo album In Your Dreams out on May 3.

Listen to the track below and tell us if it’s better than the original!

[Source: RS]

  • RainbowRay

    I know Stevie and Rod are coming to Toronto on April 2nd for a performance. Love her music from Fleetwood Mac and Rod Stewart as well; especially his “American Songbook” series of CD’s; absolutely beautiful, right Fiona? Fiona? Fiona? Oh well. Miss you. Es loti Milu. Ich lieber dich. Je t’aime. Thinking of you.

    Don’t remember the original of this song much, but this one’s a pretty good version.


  • Cindy

    I love it, totally Stevie, timeless….

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