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Poll: Who Wore It Better – Lisa or J-Lo??

lisa dress crop Poll: Who Wore It Better   Lisa or J Lo??

Lisa Stanley was at one of the Golden Globe parties over the weekend.  Here is the dress she wore!  Her dress matched the one Jennifer Lopez wore to an outting… so we ask…. who wore it better????

See the comparison!!

Go to our FACEBOOK PAGE to see the comparison pic… then come back to take the poll!!!

Now take the poll!

  • Gary Bryan

    No matter how many times I vote for J-Lo, Lisa comes out on top!

  • Papadon

    The dress looked great on both ladies. But Lisa uh… “filled” it out incomparably better!!!

  • Susan Ledesma

    Lisa, YOU look better in this dress than JLO. You are so lovely Lisa! Looking Good MaMa!!

  • chief

    MERCY !!!!!!

  • Brenda Martinez

    Lisa looked much better than J Lo, Lisa looked very sexy !!!!!

  • Keith Sims

    It is hard to tell who wore it better as J.Lo is back lit and has a good picture. Lisa has light behind her that washes out the picture and the pic is blurry.

  • Steve G

    Lisa rocks it all the way. Looking hot

  • Dick

    Lisa definitely fills that dress better. As one guy used to say, “vavavava boom.” This is a very sexy woman.

  • RainbowRay

    They both did actually!!


  • Laurie Ackerman

    Lisa looks radiant in her dress .and is the clear winner here! She also has the Choos to make it even more graceful and sytlish! Check out that famous Lisa smile.! Beauty is in the beholder!

  • Jesse

    Both ladies looked great wearing the same dress. However, Lisa could wear overalls or a handkerchief and she would win every time. GO LISA!! Lisa don’t worry if people say that you are over the top. It’s not your fault that you look great.

  • Jesse

    Both ladies look great in the dress. However, Lisa could wear overalls or a towel and she would look fantastic. Lisa don’t worry about people saying that you are an over the top ladie. You are great for the environment.

  • Steve

    Lisa looks good in anything

  • Bill Y.

    You were right on Tuesday morning, Lisa. This one is yours. You looked fantastic. You sure got my vote… Any time!

  • Matteo

    Lisa can’t do wrong even if she tries…

  • Barry Kass

    Lisa is far too hot to be reporting on the stars….she should be one.

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