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Heidi The Crossed-Eyed Opossum Fascinates Germany

crossed eyed possom Heidi The Crossed Eyed Opossum Fascinates Germany

Photo: YouTube

Germany’s Leipzig’s Zoo just welcomed their newest resident hailing all the way from North Carolina; Heidi the crossed-eyed opossum. While most wouldn’t normally think of an opossum to be a cute, cuddly creature to awe over at the zoo, Heidi’s special impairment has made her one of the biggest draws in Germany, so much so, she’s inspired a song and a line of stuffed animals.

Nobody knows for sure why Heidi was born crossed-eyed, but scientists say that it may be caused by fat deposits behind her eyes, due to poor diet in her natural habitat.

But she’s melted the hearts of all that have gotten a glimpse of her at the zoo and has become the newest star in German media until she’s revealed on public display at the zoo in July.

[Source: Time]

  • Rainbow Ray

    Great story! Anyone remember the Disney classic, “Leo the Cross-Eyed Lion” from the 60’s? This story kind of reminds me of that movie. Funny!

    Rainbow Ray

  • Sandie Stevens

    Heidi is so cute, I didn’t think I would ever say that about a rat family. It reminds me of Clarence the crossed eye lion on” Datari”. I loved that show, I always felt sorry for ” Clarence” Sandie Stevens

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