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The Progression Mug Shots of "Golden Radio Voice" Ted Williams

ted williams The Progression Mug Shots of "Golden Radio Voice" Ted Williams

The story of the truly rags to riches story of Ted Williams has swept the nation, and we can’t be happier that his story had a happy ending. From a homeless man fallen on hard times to most sought after voice announcer in media, Ted Williams has overcome a questionable past to come out on top and get his life together.

But before he became a YouTube sensation, Williams faced a life of multiple arrests for his behavior and drug use, and his police mug shots have been released on the web.

He may be clean and sober now, but Ted Williams leaves behind 20 years of theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession arrests.

Check out the photo progression of Ted Williams’ mug shots from his dark 20 year past.

And for those who haven’t seen his remarkable story, check out the YouTube video that started it all!

[Source: Buzzfeed]

  • MJ fan

    don’t really remember him, saw his Mon on Channel 2, she looks great for 92. hope they get a chance to meet without media

  • Sandi

    The story about Ted Williams is one of the most inspirational stories in a very long time. His interview this morning on the today show was wonderful, with so much hope. I hope he does well, I truly do. !!! I NEED to believe he will.

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