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Prosecutor Says Michael Jackson's Doctor Hid Drug Dose From Paramedics

michael jackson tim whitby getty images Prosecutor Says Michael Jackson's Doctor Hid Drug Dose From Paramedics

Photo: Tim Whitby//Getty Images

In the ever-increasing unfortunate news that is still popping up around Michael Jackson’s death, news sources have learned that Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray tried to hide the fact that he had given the singer a powerful anaesthetic shortly before he died.

According to a US prosecutor at a preliminary in California yesterday, the doctor phoned paramedics only after Jackson had died and his negligence in treating the singer for insomnia led to his death in June 2009. Murray may be tried for involuntary manslaughter despite his not guilty plea.

But prosecutor David Walgren said that when the doctor realised Jackson had passed away, he ordered a security guard to collect medical paraphernalia before getting him to call emergency services: “The court will learn that in the opinion of these medical experts, there were a number of actions displayed by Dr Murray that showed an extreme deviation from standard medical care.” Claiming that “we wouldn’t want the world to know,” a witness went on to say that Murray had asked him to clear “cream” from the singer’s bedroom “that he wouldn’t want the world to know about.” Jackson’s assistant said he did not carry out the request.

After manager Frank Dileo told the star’s children: “Daddy had a heart attack and died.” Jackson’s assistant added that Murray then said: “Don’t say that, we don’t know.”

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