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Morning Show Poll: What Do You Call The New Year?

new years eve Morning Show Poll: What Do You Call The New Year?

Photo: Brian Harkin/Getty Images

The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show crew is back from vacation and needs your help to settle a debate about what to call the new year!

Do you refer to the new year as “Two Thousand Eleven” or “Twenty Eleven”…what has a better ring to it?! Let us know what you call it!

We want to know what the general consensus is on what to call 2011. So are you on the “Two Thousand Eleven” or “Twenty Eleven” side? Vote below!

  • DAVE PHILLIPS in Sparks, NV

    TELL THE “giggly one” – A female with ‘all the show-biz contacts: “TWO – ZERO – ONE – ONE” what a concept! ;-)

  • saunlil

    I Think it, just sounds modern and the way it should be presented being that this “our space age” .I have always wonder how we would address the years after the nights were gone,

  • Frank Hernandez

    2K snake eyes

  • saunlil

    Its just the way I think it should be address, 2011 is go too. but I just 2011 much better.

  • MJ fan

    When I grew up, everything was nineteen this and nineteen that.

    so let’s call it twenty eleven. lot less to say.

    I was born in 1948

  • Ruben

    twnty eleven, has fewer syllables.

  • Rainbow Ray

    Actually, to me (for reasons to long to explain in detail), it still feels like 2010 (two thousand and ten or twenty ten; take your pick); it’s all Greek to me.

    Happy New Year to the staff at Kearth101 and to their listeners and people of L.A.

    Rainbow Ray

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